Sunday, December 6, 2015

What makes me think.: Obama Speech

What makes me think.: Obama Speech

Obama Speech

  I'm still trying to figure out why president Obama is bothering to give a speech tonight. We already know that the San Bernardino terrorists attacks are somehow going to be the fault of the American people. We know that he will try to blame it on work place violence and call the attack anything but what it really is. We know that he will talk about gun control. I guess he feels it is better for Americans to be blown up, rather than shot.

  This president is in a land all his own. Reality has no place in his world. His followers freely attack Christianity and make racist comments about whites. Call for the murder of police officers. This president has brought us closer to WW3 than any other. While at the same time bringing our nation to the brink of Civil War. Anything that he says tonight will be meaningless unless he gives his immediate resignation. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

We've lost our ability to lose.

We now live in a world with no winners, no losers. We live in a world that teaches children that if you do not win, then there is a problem with the game or the rules, the refs, the system, ect......  Losing is one of the greatest teachers in life. Losing is many times more important than winning. Learning how to deal with losing, how to go back to the drawing board, how to get back on that horse. How to come back stronger and better than ever. We lose that when we lose the ability to lose in life. When everyone gets a trophy. When others are to blame for our failiors, we lose our chance to better ourselves. 

  Is it any wonder that socialism is so popular today? If everyone is held back, it appears to the weak and simple minded that we all have won. When in fact we have all just admitted defeat. We've admitted that the real world is to difficult. We must teach our children how to lose and how to overcome before it's to late.

Friday, April 3, 2015


I guess I can tie in some of the personal events with current events facing the nation today. When I last posted on my blog I was happily married, 4 children, two of which were mine. I still love them all as they are mine. A home that was paid for, all the nice new toys and gadgets and appliances. Two nice vehicles. Life was good.

  Around the time of my last post in Feb 2013. I noticed things changing at home. Money was getting tight, things were dissapearing right and left. Alot of arguing going on. Never being around drugs in my life I didn't recognize the signs. It soon came out that my wife was addicted to Vicoden.  By this point we had already split up. I moved in with my parents, hoping to reconcile things at home. Took her to get help numerous times. After I left and money got tighter for her, she turned to Heroin, this made things so much worse. I watched as our house was emptied little by little. First the washer and dryer were sold, the tv's. Even the stove and fridge. I finally lost all hope and filed for divorce and full custody of my boys.

As I read and talk to others, I have found that my situation is not so unusual. It's happening around the country and no one seems to be immune. As we debate and argue over things like pizza companies in Indiana I can't help but wonder, is any of that important when so many lives are being destroyed by drugs in this country? Shouldn't a plan of action on Heroin outweigh such petty things? How much money does this nation lose every day to drugs? How many lives torn apart and ended? I would like to personally call on all politicians at all levels of government to make more of an effort. 


Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I've posted. Life has certainly changed alot since my last post. I'm now a single parent trying to figure out how to raise two boys on my own which has presented problems that I never expected. Could probably start a whole new blog, dedicated to just that.

  I will keep this as primarily a news and current events page and most likely political ramblings. Lol

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Daytona 500

 Well the first points race of the 2013 season is in the books. What did everyone think of the new gen 6 cars? I liked the way they looked but there's still some work to be done in order to get these cars capable of putting on a good super speedway race. In fact I thought the race was pretty boring. They're gonna have to figure out how to get the cars capable of passing. Some of it may just be the teams and drivers havn't figured it out yet and so some of the problems may work themselves out. If Talladega doesn't go any better I think Nascar is going to have to make some changes. Congrats. To Jimmy Johnson on winning his second Daytona 500.

U.S. Sues Lance Armstrong

 The United States is suing Lance Armstrong for submitting false claims in order to obtain government funds. Basically they said that they were not taking drugs and the United States Postal service paid them $31 million dollars between 1996 and 2004 in order to sponsor there mens cycling team.

 I hope they win. These guys were making tons of money for lying. Not to mention they were making the money at tax payer expense. They were taking race wins away from other honest teams. It was just a really bad situation all the way around. In my opinion he needs to do some jail time. Not only did he hurt his sport. He hurt our countries reputation. Which, ok wasn't all that great in the world to begin with. Still everyone and primarily the people who have a chance to have world wide attn. Should do all that they can to try to help improve our country and its reputation. Not drag it down for personal gain.